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4 Traditional Dental Floss Alternatives You Should Know About

6 April 2018
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If you're like most consumers, you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the abundance of available information concerning best practices for home dental care—especially since a certain amount of this information is conflicting. For instance, even the simple act of flossing has come under fire in recent years—and investigation conducted by the Associated Press has found that the practice doesn't have the benefits claimed by the American Dental Association. Many dental care professionals, however, strongly believe that the investigation is substantially lacking in conclusive evidence, and the general consensus seems to be that flossing remains an important part of maintaining optimal oral health -- and if you're like most people, you'd rather hedge your bets when it comes to the prevention and reversal of serious conditions such as periodontal disease. Read More …

Tired Of Itching, Embarrassing Cold Sores? Here’s How To Prevent Frequent Breakouts

3 January 2018
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Most cold sore sufferers are familiar with the itching and burning sensation that occurs a few days before a cold sore outbreak. While cold sores are typically not dangerous unless you have a compromised immune system, the constant itching is annoying, and a visible cold sore makes social situations uncomfortable. If you often suffer from cold sores, here are ways to minimize how frequently you have to experience them. Reduce Stress And Avoid Common Triggers Of Cold Sore Outbreaks Read More …

Essential Oils You Should Always Carry With You

30 January 2017
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You never know when a sudden headache, upset stomach, or even a minor scratch or bug bite will afflict you or your loved ones, so you want to be prepared at all times. Essential oils are used in many applications both internally and topically and can benefit you in many ways, and creating a travel essential oil kit can keep you ready for any type of mild emergency. Here are just some of the essential oils you will always want with you. Read More …

Three Common Cleansing Detox Questions

15 December 2016
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Managing your health can be a difficult task in the modern world. The stress of the modern work schedule coupled with poor diet and an abundance of chemical products can expose your body to an assortment of toxins and other substances, and a cleansing detox can be the perfect solution for helping you rid your body of these substances. What Is The Purpose Of Going Through A Cleansing Detox? Over time, toxins and microscopic parasites can start to accumulate in your body. Read More …

3 Surprising Ways Marijuana Can Be Beneficial For Women

16 November 2016
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Marijuana is well on its way to becoming legal in more states and that only means one thing: more people will now have access to this powerful herb's benefits. As a woman, whether you like to use marijuana recreationally or not, there are some pretty good reasons why legal weed is something you should be rooting to happen. The fact is, there are all kinds of issues women face on a daily basis that can be helped with the components in this plant. Read More …

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