Essential Oils You Should Always Carry With You

You never know when a sudden headache, upset stomach, or even a minor scratch or bug bite will afflict you or your loved ones, so you want to be prepared at all times. Essential oils are used in many applications both internally and topically and can benefit you in many ways, and creating a travel essential oil kit can keep you ready for any type of mild emergency. Here are just some of the essential oils you will always want with you.

Lavender or Tea Tree

Lavender is an essential oil that is very common in any natural health first aid kit, and for good reason. It has many applications that are useful on a regular basis, including antibacterial and healing properties beneficial for burns, bug bites, and more. Keep lavender in your kit for applying to a fresh cut, insect bite, mild burn (seek immediate medical attention if a burn is white or leathery or lacks pain, as it may be a third degree burn that needs serious care), or rash from a plant. Another popular essential oil that has many of the same benefits is tea tree oil.

Lemongrass or Chamomile

A sudden stomachache or gassy digestion can be cured with a few drops of lemongrass placed in water. Externally, this lovely smelling essential oil helps cure muscle aches and tension headaches and works to keep bacteria at bay for a cut. Lemongrass oil can also be placed on a cotton ball with a carrier oil to diminish its burn to put in the mouth for canker sores or toothaches. Chamomile essential oil is a great substitute or complement to lemongrass for sore muscles, toothaches, and stomach pains and is another keeper for your kit. 


Peppermint essential oil is well known for its ability to relieve stomach upset and nausea. It also works well to repel ticks that are on the skin, making it a must-have for outdoor activities. Peppermint mixed with warm water can also be applied to sore feet and joints due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Keep peppermint (and regular mint) essential oil in your kit for car sickness and body aches.

Carrier oils

Essential oils are very pure in form, and without dilution can actually burn your skin and organs. Before applying any essential oil to your body or ingest the ones you can take internally, dilute them properly with a carrier oil that you should always have with you. Almond or coconut oils are common favorites. When drinking essential oils, water should be all the dilution you need. Always check with a natural care specialist prior to ingesting any essential oils you are unsure about. Click here to learn more.

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Three Common Cleansing Detox Questions

Managing your health can be a difficult task in the modern world. The stress of the modern work schedule coupled with poor diet and an abundance of chemical products can expose your body to an assortment of toxins and other substances, and a cleansing detox can be the perfect solution for helping you rid your body of these substances.

What Is The Purpose Of Going Through A Cleansing Detox?

Over time, toxins and microscopic parasites can start to accumulate in your body. These substances can cause you to feel sluggish, irritable and apathetic. In order to combat these symptoms, you will need to purge your body of these substances. Unfortunately, there is not a simple solution for removing these substances from the body. Rather, patients will have to dedicate themselves to cleansing their bodies through changes in diet and exercise. While this may sound intimidating, the benefits to your energy levels and mood may be more than worth the effort these programs require.

Do You Really Need Professional Guidance During Your Detox?

There are many home-based detox regimens that many people attempt to follow. While these approaches can be mildly effective, patients are advised to seek the services of a trained detox professional. This stems from the fact that people have unique body chemistries, and it is important to use a detox approach that is the most compatible for the patient. Unfortunately, most individuals lack the knowledge and experience needed to create an effective detox program that is tailored to their unique needs. Luckily, a professional will have the expertise needed to help you create a detox cleanse that provides you with the best results possible while ensuring that you are still getting enough essential nutrients and vitamins.

How Long Will Your Detox Last?

Unfortunately, many people may be concerned about starting a detox because they assume that these programs will always take weeks or months to complete. While there are detox programs that are designed to last for extended periods of time, there are also short detox programs. These shorter programs are designed for individuals that need to minimize disruptions to their daily lives or that are unsure of whether they are ready to commit to a lengthy detox. In many cases, it can be possible to undergo a weekend detox program. While these programs will not be as thorough as the lengthier options, they can still be effective. However, if you enjoy the result of the detox, you will need to do it every few months to restore your body’s natural balance.

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3 Surprising Ways Marijuana Can Be Beneficial For Women

Marijuana is well on its way to becoming legal in more states and that only means one thing: more people will now have access to this powerful herb’s benefits. As a woman, whether you like to use marijuana recreationally or not, there are some pretty good reasons why legal weed is something you should be rooting to happen. The fact is, there are all kinds of issues women face on a daily basis that can be helped with the components in this plant. Here is a quick look at a few surprising ways marijuana can be beneficial for women. 

Marijuana can relieve insomnia. 

A lot of women complain that their mind is in such a spin when they hit the hay that they have a terrible time going to sleep. As much as 63 percent of women report dealing with insomnia through the week several times, with only 54 percent of men saying the same. Just using a small amount of marijuana before you go to bed can actually help to relieve anxiety and put you at ease so you can fall asleep faster, and may even help you sleep better through the night. 

Marijuana helps with PMS symptoms. 

Cramping, changes in appetite, moodiness and irritability—all of these are symptoms that the average woman has to put up with on a rolling basis because of their natural menstrual cycle, but marijuana could help. Tetrahydrocannabinol, most commonly referred to simply as THC, is the primary compound in marijuana and it can supposedly work wonders for some of these debilitating symptoms. In fact, Whoopi Goldberg recently started backing a full product line of cannabis products targeted at women suffering with PMS problems, such as a localized cream infused with marijuana for localized muscle aches and a cocoa with cannabinoids that acts as an antiinflammatory.

Marijuana may slow the growth of breast cancer cells. 

If you ask just about any female about the diseases they fear the most, the topic of breast cancer is bound to come up. Even though smoking marijuana may be linked to an increased risk of lung cancer, it is also shown to slow the growth of cells associated with breast cancer. This means that marijuana could help lower your risks of seeing the disease develop over time and if the cancer cells do develop, you would have less of a chance of seeing the cancer spread to other parts of the body. 

If you’re interested in taking marijuana to help with any of these issues, make sure you look for legal marijuana for sale.

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Holistic Occupational Therapy Enhances Conventional Occupational Therapy With Natural And Healthy Practices

When 76 percent of healthcare providers are using at least one form of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and 42 percent of hospitals offer complementary and alternative medicine services, this trend proves that implementing holistic approaches in health care fields such as occupational therapy can indeed be a benefit to patients. Holistic occupational therapy provides health, wellness and disease prevention services. Occupational therapists are also being given special training in holistic care so that they can incorporate the new trend into their practices. Holistic occupational therapy enhances conventional occupational therapy with natural and healthy practices.

Trending Holistic Services

Occupational therapists have embraced the CAM trend and are offering their patients services that complement traditional occupational therapy. These new and trending holistic services include sensory integration, music and listening therapy, art and movement therapies, aromatherapy, relaxation, myofascial release and guided imagery.

Yoga As A Holistic Approach With Helpful Components

Yoga is used as a holistic approach and emphasizes balance. Yoga’s asana component addresses your physical posture. It also tones, stretches and strengthens your body’s musculoskeletal system while helping you to maintain a calm demeanor. Yoga’s pranayama component is a breathing and meditation exercise, which handles your body’s relaxation response. By calming your nervous system, pranayama lowers your blood pressure, breathing rate and heart rate. It also reduces stress and symptoms of anxiety and depression while boosting your all-important immune system.

Listening Therapy

Listening therapy helps to activate parts of your brain that are in an off mode. This therapy manages to convert left-dominant listeners into right-dominant listeners. It turns on a multi-dimensional process which improves your auditory processing when you use headphones. All this is accomplished because listening therapy affects your auditory and vestibular systems.

Helping All Age Groups

Holistic occupational therapy is not limited to any particular age group. It is inclusive and can be implemented at the most major stages of your life. Its fundamental focus on staying healthy is a smart learning tool for your children to learn about lifelong skills. As you approach middle age, holistic occupational therapy equips you with knowledge and practices that promote healthy living. Your trained occupational therapist, after evaluating your case, will assign appropriate health practices that help you to remain healthy over a longer period of time. If you are an elderly person, holistic occupational therapy like gives you a purpose to stay healthy, and it promises hope that indeed your golden-age years can be filled with vigor.

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Reasons For The Success Of Telephone Healing

If you have ever considered visiting a healer to address a physical ailment by allowing his or her energy to merge with yours, you are already familiar with energy healing. In some instances, it is possible for energy healing to occur without the need to physically be near to the person providing the service, as seen in distance healing. Telephone healing sessions are simply an example of distance healing. Although the concept may be challenging to believe at first, the following information will explain why telephone healing sessions can succeed.

#1-Telephone Healing Has Its Basis In Quantum Physics

Telephone healing sessions are an example of distance healing, which is the practice of using the power of a person’s mind and their natural energy to help patients. That natural energy is thought to manifest in a person’s aura. Each person is thought to have their own natural energy and that natural energy is a common part of alternative medicine.

First, it is important to consider that a person’s natural energy can merge with another person’s energy. The reasons for its success can be better understood when you know a bit more about quantum physics. Specifically, quantum physics teaches that entanglement occurs when two or more sources of energy join with one another. When entanglement occurs, both positive and negative things can occur.

Entanglement can also work with the natural energy within everyone. In this instance, healing can occur when one person knows how to direct their energy toward another person and their specific health problem. Fortunately, the benefits of entanglement can be obtained without both parties needing to be near one another or to physically touch. Since the direction of energy can be done over-the-phone, telephone healing sessions can provide the same results that an in-office appointment.

#2- Experiments Involving Unwell Persons With Trained And Untrained Healing Partners

Without scientific proof, it is often challenging to believe in any unique phenomena. Therefore, it is important to look at a study that occurred in 2008 involving 36 couples, 22 of which included a partner with cancer.

In 12 of those couples, the partner who did not have cancer was trained in how to provide the various aspects of hands-on healing. One important aspect that the healthy partner was taught included intention, which involved focusing their energy for positive purposes. The end result was that the persons with cancer had a better improvement rate when their partners practiced distance healing as opposed to the people whose partner had no training.

It is important to point out that although studies have established that distance healing works, it is not always clear why it works and the rate of its success can vary. As a result, you should never change your health care plan or use of medications without talking to your doctor. Telephone healing sessions are an ideal way to treat less serious problems or to supplement your existing medical regimen, but you should not depend on them exclusively without the approval of your physician.

For more information, contact Antonios Healing Hands or a similar organization.

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Meditation Aids That Will Help You Concentrate

Practicing meditation exercises at home can help reduce stress and loosen muscles that are tense. If you have recently meditated at a private meditation studio, the following tips can help you clear your mind so that you can focus on the moves that you were taught while at home, allowing you to benefit from each session.

Listen To Relaxing Sounds

Record natural sounds, such as ocean waves or rainfall, and play them softly on a personal audio player throughout each meditation session. If you select a sound that is pleasing to your ears and that helps you remain calm, you will be able to let your mind drift while meditating. Audio recordings can be enjoyed for free if listened to via the internet. There are many to choose from, enabling you to experience a variety of them before selecting ones that help you focus the most and feel at peace.

Enjoy Scented Oils 

Scented oils can help remind you of memories from years ago or help you feel as if you are in a beautiful, tranquil setting. When shopping for oils, close your eyes while testing out each odor so that you can focus entirely on it without any distractions. Select one that isn’t overpowering and that helps you feel at ease.

Increase the benefits that you receive during sessions at home when you are working at perfecting the mediation steps that you have been taught by enjoying your favorite scents. Potpourri or scented candles are other products that you may want to consider purchasing as well.

Locate A Special Photograph Or Piece Of Artwork

Locate one of your favorite photographs or piece of artwork to focus on while concentrating during meditation sessions. A photograph of a beautiful area that you visited during a vacation or a loved one who you admire are options to consider. A piece of artwork that was made by one of your favorite artists or depicts scenery or an item that you prefer can also be helpful.

Place the photograph or artwork directly in front of you so that you don’t need to strain while gazing at it. It will provide a focal point that will help you concentrate while perfecting the moves that you are attempting to master. 

Meditation takes practice and commitment. These suggestions will continue to help you concentrate so that you attain your goals and make the most out of each session that you participate in.

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Natural Ways to Determine Allergies

Allergy symptoms (like an itchy throat, watery eyes, and a runny nose) can cause serious discomfort if left untreated. For those who prefer to use holistic medicine to treat illnesses, investing in a traditional allergy screening may not be desirable.

Here are three ways you can work with your holistic healer to determine the source of your allergies so that you can create a customized treatment plan that will alleviate your symptoms in the future.

1. Conduct an environmental assessment.

Many of the allergens that cause symptoms to appear can be found in one’s environment. Taking the time to conduct an environmental assessment can be beneficial in pinpointing the source of your allergy symptoms.

Giving careful thought to whether or not you experience allergy symptoms only when outdoors, during certain seasons, or only while you are working can help your holistic healer determine common environmental factors that are present in situations where your allergies flare up. These environmental factors will help your healer create an allergy serum that will treat your unique allergies without relying on pharmaceuticals.

2. Use the process of elimination to identify food allergies.

Many people suffer from mild food allergies that can cause digestive irritation or other symptoms to appear. If you want to discover the source of your food allergies without using traditional medical diagnostics, your holistic healer might suggest that you eliminate certain foods from your diet for a period of time.

If you find that you feel better when you abstain from eating grains, or that your digestive discomfort eases when you don’t eat dairy, you can assume that you may have a slight allergy to these foods. Armed with the information gathered during an elimination period, your healer can help you create a diet that will reduce your allergy symptoms in the future.

3. Complete a detoxification program.

The intestinal system is the first line of defense when it comes to proper function of the immune system. If improperly digested food and free radicals are creating a toxic environment in your bowels, you may find that you experience allergy symptoms because your immune system cannot properly process the allergens you come into contact with each day.

Completing a detoxification program to see if your allergy symptoms subside will allow your healer to determine if intestinal problems are contributing to your allergies.

Finding ways to diagnose your allergies without relying on traditional allergy screenings doesn’t have to be difficult when you partner with a holistic healer who has experience using natural medicine to treat allergies.

However, if your allergies are a bit more severe or are difficult to pinpoint, consider allergy testing by an allergy specialist, such as Alaska Natural Health Solutions. They may also be able to work with you to accommodate your views.

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Improve Your Health: 4 Reasons You Need Your Amino Acids

If you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle, you need to make sure that your body receives all the vitamins and nutrients it needs on a daily basis. Part of those nutritional needs include amino acids. Your body needs amino acids for everything from heart health to mental clarity. One of the amino acids your body needs is L-arginine, which helps your body improve blood flow and circulation. Here are four reasons why your body needs L-arginine.

Reduces Inflammation

Your body absorbs toxins and free-radicals each and every day. Once inside your body, those toxins and free-radicals can decrease your immunity and lead to inflammation-causing diseases. L-arginine acts like a sponge by finding and removing those harmful agents. An added benefit of L-arginine is that it can also help slow down the effects of aging.

Reduces Muscle Aches After Exercise

When you exercise, your muscles and joints absorb the pressure from the workout. As a result, you may experience pain and stiffness after a strenuous workout. You can reduce those muscle aches and pains by adding an amino acid supplement to your daily diet. L-arginine increases blood flow, which helps improve your circulation. When that happens, oxygen and other vital nutrients are able to get to your muscles and joints quicker, which means you’ll experience fewer aches and pains after a workout.

Boosts Immunity

A weakened immune system can leave you susceptible to sickness and infections. It can also make it difficult for your body to heal from surgeries. L-arginine can help boost your immune system and help improve your body’s ability to heal. Because L-arginine is also beneficial in treating pain and reducing inflammation, it is often added to topical ointments to help speed up the healing process in some wounds.

Helps Treat Problems with Infertility

If you’re experiencing problems with erectile dysfunction or infertility, you should have your L-arginine levels checked. L-arginine helps produce sperm and also assists in sperm motility–which is the speed in which sperm travels. L-arginine also helps balance female hormones and improves blood flow and circulation in the genitals.

If you’re trying to stay healthy, you need to make sure you’re getting your amino acids, including L-arginine. The information provided above will help you understand the benefits of ensuring proper L-arginine levels in your body. For more information about the importance of amino acids, be sure to speak to your health care practitioner. 

For L-arginine supplements online, contact a company such as Damage I.T.G.

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Struggling With Emotional Balance? These Herbs May Help

Do you feel like your emotions are out of control? Perhaps you’ve even taken an emotional balance tests that has suggested your emotions are out of balance. So many factors, from a stressful lifestyle to a poor diet, can influence your ability to control and express your emotions properly. Identifying and addressing the factors that are fueling your imbalance should be your focus, but taking an herbal supplement can also help. Here’s a look at three herbs that are useful to balancing emotions.

Dandelion Flowers

That’s right — those annoying weeds in your yard actually have therapeutic qualities. Dandelions are said to help remove emotional stagnation and help you express hidden emotions. Letting those trapped emotions out might be just what you need to achieve greater overall emotional balance. It’s the flowers of the dandelions that have the greatest effect. You can eat them whole and raw or add them to salads and soups. Just a few a day will do! You can also find dandelion supplements in some health food stores. Be sure to take them according to the instructions on the package to avoid unwanted side effects like upset stomach.

White Peony Root

White peony root is said to have a calming effect. It will be particularly useful if you feel that your emotions are often too loudly or boldly expressed, or that you feel them too intensely. In Chinese medicine, it is said to help alleviate disharmony between the liver and spleen, which helps to re-balance yin and yang. White peony root supplements can be found in many natural health stores. If you take any prescription drugs, be sure to check with your doctor before taking white peony root as it may interfere with some medications.


Ginger’s medicinal uses are many, and among them is its ability to calm negative and depressive emotions. This is thought to be due to the high magnesium, calcium and phosphorus content of the herb. You can enjoy ginger in so many different ways. Make a ginger tea by pouring hot water over some sliced ginger. Swallow ginger capsules from the health food store, or chew on pieces of pickled ginger throughout the day. Ginger is also tasty when added to soups and stews.

Dealing with emotional imbalance can feel overwhelming. Taking these herbs is a good first step, but make sure you’re also working with a certified therapist or psychologist to deal with the lifestyle factors that feed into your emotional imbalance. For more information, contact a company like The Balancing Program.

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3 Ways That Acupuncture Can Improve Your Health

Do you feel as though your body is not as healthy as it should be because you are always feeling out of energy? If you have undergone a physical examination but nothing was found to be wrong, you might be able to improve how you feel by undergoing a procedure called acupuncture. You will find acupuncture helpful because it is able to balance out the energy in your body through the insertion of thin needles. Take a look at the article below to learn how acupuncture can be beneficial to your health in various ways.

1. Stop Feeling Moody

When you don’t have a lot of energy, it can put you in a bad mood. Sometimes improving moodiness is a good way to feel healthier. Acupuncture is a good way to improve your mood without taking drugs, such as the ones that are typically prescribed for depression. What acupuncture does is help to rebalance your hormones so they can make you feel moody. You will experience better moods because the energy in your body will flow better.

2. Sleep Better At Night

If you are not getting a lot of sleep at night, it is likely contributing to how your overall health feels. Even if you were to change your daily routine and make more time for sleeping at night, it might not be effective if your problem is severe. Acupuncture is a good method for changing your sleep patterns because it can rebalance your circadian rhythms.  Basically, the insertion of the thin needles will stimulate points in your body that can help you naturally fall asleep at certain times. The acupuncture technique can also target specific things in your life that are responsible for your sleeping disorder, such as restless leg syndrome or night sweats.

3. Feel Better About Yourself

One of the benefits of acupuncture is that it can improve your psychological health. If you get to the point in which you feel better about your overall being, it can have a positive impact on your health. Acupuncture is able to improve some of the symptoms that you might experience from being in a bad mental state that is making you feel down all of the time. For instance, it can improve high blood pressure and anxiety by balancing out your nervous system. Make an appointment with a specialist so you can start undergoing acupuncture to improve your energy level. Contact a business, such as Florida Natural Medicine, for more information. 

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