Mixing Myrrh With Other Oils

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Mixing Myrrh With Other Oils

21 January 2019
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You may not have heard of it, but myrrh oil is one of the most common essential oils and is used to achieve a variety of health effects. It can also be mixed with other essential oils. Essential oils like myrrh have a thin consistency like water, so they can be easily mixed together. However, you'll need to know how to effectively mix myrrh oil with other oils.

Benefits of Myrrh Oil

Myrrh oil is used to boost the immune system, treat oral disease, and promote digestive health. While it is not recommended that you use myrrh oil as a substitute for medical treatments, it can be a great supplement.

Beware of Heating Myrrh

You may heat myrrh oil to make sure it's at the right consistency, but make sure to heat the oil gently. If you heat essential oils for too long, you may ruin the properties you were originally seeking the oils out for. One way to gently heat essential oils is to do so in warm water to protect the essential oils. 

Mixing Myrrh Oil

Myrrh can be mixed with Lanolin to produce a nail cream, for example. Combine butter with Lanolin and heat in a small saucepan. However, you need to take the saucepan off the heat before mixing in the myrrh. Then, you need to store the nail cream in a cool and dark place. 

Myrrh can also be used as a vapor rub when combined with spruce and fractionated coconut oil. You simply need to mix the ingredients together and rubbing it on your chest so you may inhale it to achieve its benefits. 

One of the most common essential oils used with Myrrh is frankincense. In fact, they were two of the three gifts brought by the three wise men. They are both commonly used aromatically, so you should know what they smell like when mixing them together. Frankincense has a warm and earthy. Both frankincense and myrrh have a sweet and spicy smell. Myrrh smells more woody and smoky. 

Choosing a Complementary Oil

If your goal is to use essential oils to achieve therapeutic benefits, you'll focus less on how they smell and more on giving yourself well-rounded health benefits. Some of the best essential oils to try include palmarosa, rosemary, eucalyptus, cypress, jasmine, and geranium. But regardless, there are many benefits to myrrh oil and plenty of places where you can find it for sale.

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