How To Make Your First Marijuana Dispensary Journey A Blast

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How To Make Your First Marijuana Dispensary Journey A Blast

10 October 2018
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When you are heading to a marijuana dispensary for the first time, you will want to think about what matters to you as a consumer. Are you more concerned about how much the marijuana will cost or are you more concerned about the cleanliness, potency, or the data produced through testing on the marijuana? Fortunately, dispensaries will often have a large variety of options to choose from. There are many other issues you must consider before heading to your first dispensary.

Find Out If They Are Licensed

Make sure that the dispensary has a recreational license. Just because you are walking into a marijuana dispensary in a state with recreational marijuana, that doesn't mean that a particular dispensary has a recreational license. 

How Would You Like to Ingest It?

Think about the method by which you would like to ingest marijuana. Smoking marijuana through a bong is not the only option. There are pills, drinks, topical ointments, tinctures, and even flowers. If you would like to try something new, head over to a dispensary that has a variety of options for ingesting marijuana. If you'd like to have a relaxing soak in a bathtub, you should consider a medicated bath bomb. Some of these methods are meant to get you high, while others are meant to have therapeutic benefits. 

Consider whether you would like to achieve at a marijuana dispensary. Do you want to get high? How high would you like to get? There are different degrees to which those consuming marijuana can get high. Make sure to speak with someone who works at a dispensary because they are meant to serve as a consultant. Also, many dispensaries have menus so you can see which marijuana options are available. If you are not flexible with what you want, make sure to call ahead of time to make sure that the type of marijuana you want is in stock.

Know What You Need to Bring

Find out what you need to bring with you when visit a particular marijuana dispensary. You will need a valid, acceptable ID. If you are shopping at a medical dispensary, there will be paperwork that needs to be done. Make sure to leave yourself with extra time so you can do paperwork.

Make sure to bring cash with you. There are some dispensaries that accept credit and debit cards, but banking systems can make it more difficult for others to accept credit and debit cards. If you need to use credit or a debit card, make sure to call ahead of time.

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