Should You Try Shilajit?

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Should You Try Shilajit?

8 August 2018
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Shilajit has been appearing on more shelves in natural food and health stores. With such a unique name it may pique your curiosity, especially if you are a fan of natural substances which can boost or improve health. But why would you consider it?

What is It, Anyway?

Shilajit might be a new and strange name to you, but it has been used in South Asia and Eurasian countries for some time. Over the years, Indians have used this waxy paste for Ayurvedic health treatments, for instance. They have experience with this black, thick substance which appears on rocks and boulders in mountainous regions such as the Himalayas. Some people joke it is the sweat of the mountain rocks, as it seems to drip down from rock surfaces at times. Those in Azerbaijan and Georgia in the Caucasus mountain region know it too.

Why Use It?

Shilajit has a high concentration of fulvic acid. This acid is generally renowned for flushing out the kinds of toxins which make one feel tired or rundown. If you're someone without energy or have a diagnosed condition in which fatigue is a major contributor, shilajit could help. If your memory isn't what it was, shilajit's fulvic acid may find you remembering more. The paste also has some antioxidant properties so your cells get more protection against free radicals that can sicken and age you.

How is it Consumed?

Shilajit has a taste you're likely to find bitter. So, while you may choose to get a jar of the stuff, your taste buds might prefer other methods of consumption. For instance, some health powders will include the substance; you can add some to smoothies or mix well with fruit juice. Capsules are always available too.

Will it Interact with Other Supplements or Meds?

Anytime you're adding an alternative medical product to your regiment, it's wise to have a doctor look at and evaluate the product for you. Side effects and unusual interactions with current dietary supplements and medications may happen if you're adding something without medical guidance. If that occurs, you could feel ill or suffer other deleterious effects. Shilajit seems to have very low negative interactions, but seeking medical advice is essential.

You might experiment with shilajit and feel a pep in your step and real health improvement. Just safeguard your health by looking over this data and all the recommendations.

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