Are You Adding More Natural Healing Methods To Your Life? 4 Ways To Use Feng Shui Healing Crystals In Your Home

Natural health care and conventional medicine don't need to be conflict: they can work together to keep your healthy. Find out how here.

Are You Adding More Natural Healing Methods To Your Life? 4 Ways To Use Feng Shui Healing Crystals In Your Home

9 March 2023
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Exploring natural healing methods is a great way to jumpstart your efforts toward improving your health. If you are living with a serious health condition, healing crystals are safe to use along with other parts of your treatment plan. Or, you may just want to add them to your self-care regimen to infuse your life with more energy and vitality. Either way, you'll want to consider these four easy ways to use them in your home when you go looking at feng shui healing crystal sales to start discovering your favorites.

Place Amethyst Near Your Bed to Promote Restful Sleep

Amethyst is recognized among the natural healing community for being a crystal that helps to eliminate negative energy. Being stressed and overwhelmed throughout the day can sometimes lead to you carrying the negative energy into your bedroom where it can rob you of your ability to get a good night's sleep. If you find yourself tossing and turning throughout the night, then consider placing an amethyst crystal by your bed. Or, you could hang one over your headboard to help dissipate any leftover stress you feel from the day.

Use Rose Quartz in the Bathroom to Spark Self-Confidence

People often place rose quartz in their bedrooms to spark romance in their relationships. But, you can also use this powerful healing crystal to improve your mental health. Place rose quartz in your bathroom, closet, or another dressing area to give a little boost to your self-confidence. Putting the crystal near a mirror you look in as you get dressed and ready for the day helps you feel more self-love that radiates in your smile.

Fire Up Your Passion for Improving Your Health With Red Garnet

Red crystals add energy to a space, which is exactly what you might need if you are trying to get back into gear with your workouts. If you have a home gym or corner of a room where you tend to exercise, then place a red garnet nearby. You'll feel inspired to stick to your goals and may even discover that you have more energy for longer workouts. The same effect also occurs when you place a red crystal near your pantry or refrigerator if you are focusing on eating healthier. 

Balance Negative Energy in Trouble Spots With Clear Quartz

Even with proper feng shui techniques, you may find that certain parts of your home still seem to carry bad chi. This could happen if you've recently moved in or experienced a negative event in that part of your house. Clear quartz is known for being the most versatile feng shui healing crystal since it can be used along with other crystals to boost their effects. Clear quartz can be used in any room to remove residual negative energy and bring greater clarity and peace within your body. 

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