Protect Your Skin: Why Use Organic Body Butter During Pregnancy

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Protect Your Skin: Why Use Organic Body Butter During Pregnancy

14 November 2022
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If you want to keep things natural during your pregnancy, it's time to reach for organic products. This includes the body butters you use. There are other body butters on the market. But, if they're not organic, they can contain chemicals that can get absorbed through your skin. Organic body butter is different. Organic skincare products don't contain harmful chemicals and additives. That means this body butter is safe to use during pregnancy. Plus, natural body butter has other benefits to consider. Here are four important benefits of using organic body butter during your pregnancy. 

Reduce Stretch Marks

If you're worried about stretch marks, body butter can help. Stretch marks happen when your skin stretches during pregnancy. Stretching occurs due to weight gain and from the natural growth of your baby. Luckily, there is a way to reduce the presence of stretch marks. You can use natural body butter. Body butter increases the moisture in your skin. The added moisture reduces the tearing that happens as your skin stretches. This lets your skin stretch throughout pregnancy without stretch marks. 

Ease Muscle Aches

If you're dealing with muscle and joint aches during pregnancy, body butter can help. This is especially true with regard to shea butter. Shea butter contains fatty acids that can help reduce muscle and joint inflammation. Reducing inflammation helps to ease the pain and discomfort during pregnancy. You can massage your muscles and joints with body butter as often as needed. 

Soothe Dry Skin

If your skin has gotten dry and itchy during your pregnancy, it's time to add body butter to your daily routine. It's not uncommon for your skin to get dry and itchy during pregnancy. This can happen when your skin doesn't get enough moisture. Natural body butter helps lock in the moisture so your skin doesn't dry out. This helps to reduce the itchiness you can experience. 

Control Acne

If you're battling pregnancy-related acne breakouts, reach for body butter. One of the great things about body butter is that you can use it on your face, too. In fact, body butter is a natural way to prevent pregnancy-related acne breakouts. Wash your face with a mild cleanser, and pat dry. Apply body butter to your face at least twice a day. Your skin will stay acne-free throughout your pregnancy. Best of all, you won't need to worry about applying harsh products to your face. 

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