Have Sinus Problems? Try Acupuncture As A Treatment

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Have Sinus Problems? Try Acupuncture As A Treatment

12 August 2022
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If you have sinus problems, you know how painful this can be. Your face, head, and even your teeth can hurt from this condition. The nose is a respiratory and olfactory organ. Your nose skeleton is housed in the nasal cavity. When you have sinuses, pressure builds up in the organ causing you to feel pain. One thing you can try to help you is acupuncture. Below is information on what this is and how it can help you. 


Use an experienced acupuncturist when you get acupuncture. They use needles that are hair-thin to penetrate your skin in different areas. Where they place the needles will depend on what is being treated. For you, the needles will be placed on your facial skin in the area near the respiratory and olfactory organ.

The needles may be heated before they are inserted. Because the needles are so thin you will feel very little or no pain at all while the needles are being inserted. Once inserted, the needles are left on your face for a certain amount of time. The acupuncturist will determine how long this will be. 

The acupuncturist will select pressure points on your face where your sinuses are. Your body will produce endorphins. You will also notice that acupuncture reduces your congestion and opens your nasal passages, which can also help. You may notice this immediately after the treatment. 

If you have mucus built up in your nose or throat, acupuncture can help break up the mucous so your body can release it much easier. This can help prevent sinus problems in the future as mucous can easily get stuck in the nasal passages and in your sinuses. 

When it is time to remove the needles, the acupuncturist gently pulls them out and you. You will have the best treatment if you see an acupuncturist for several treatments. The professional you see can determine how long you should see them. 

Acupuncture Side Effects

Acupuncture offers you many benefits, but you may have side effects. Fortunately, these side effects go away soon after treatment in most cases. You may have slight bruising where the needles were inserted, or you may notice a little blood coming from the insertion points. There are also some uncommon side effects, such as nausea and dizziness.

The acupuncturist can give you more information about these side effects so you will know what to expect. Of course, you may not have any side effects at all. 

The acupuncturist that you see will set up an initial consultation to determine the type of problem you are having. This allows them to know the best insertion points for the needles. For more information on acupuncture, contact a professional near you.

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