How To Have A More Enjoyable Smoking Experience With Acid Rock Hemp Flower

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How To Have A More Enjoyable Smoking Experience With Acid Rock Hemp Flower

25 March 2021
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Smoking hemp flower — especially a really CBD-rich strain like acid rock — can help you relax while also easing pain. However, if you are new to smoking hemp flower, you may initially find the experience a little harsh and even unpleasant. The smoke may irritate your lungs or feel too hot. Here's some good news: it doesn't have to be this way! Follow these tips to make the smoking experience more enjoyable.

Use a water pipe or water bong.

If you are rolling your hemp in papers like a joint or cigarette, it's time to explore a different smoking method. Smoking out of papers tends to be harsh since some of the smoke you are inhaling is coming from the paper, not the hemp. If you switch to a water pipe or a water bong, you will get much cooler, smoother smoke. The water in either of these devices helps cool the smoke while also filtering out some of the impurities. You can find small, handheld water pipes made from silicone, which are a bit more discreet, or larger water bongs, which are fun to use at home, but not very portable.

Smoke into your mouth, and then inhale into your lungs.

Are you currently inhaling directly into your lungs? This is not exactly the wrong way to smoke hemp flower, but it can result in a bit of a harsh experience. To calm things down, try pulling the smoke into your mouth, and once your mouth is full, inhaling into your lungs. This gives the smoke another second or two to cool down. It also helps keep you from inhaling too much smoke into your lungs at once.

Light the hemp flower indirectly.

Whether you are smoking help flower rolled in papers, placed in a bong, or packing in a pipe, try to avoid lighting it by putting a match or lighter directly up against it. Doing so will scorch the hemp and make the smoke overly harsh. Instead, hold the flame really close to the hemp, and inhale. This will pull the heat towards the hemp and cause it to ignite on its own, rather than directly from the flame. The resulting smoke tends to be milder.

If you find the smoke from acid rock hemp flower to be a bit harsh, then there are ways to calm it down. Try the strategies above, and you should get better results.

For more information, talk to an acid rock hemp flower supplier in your area.

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