3 Ways To Control Inflammatory Arthritis Pain Yourself

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3 Ways To Control Inflammatory Arthritis Pain Yourself

28 December 2020
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Inflammatory arthritis pain can be difficult to manage because many joints are inflamed at once. Additionally, many people with inflammatory arthritis are left with little to no pain management options from medical professionals. Fortunately, there are resources to help you manage your own pain.

Anti-Inflammatory Herbs

The anti-inflammatory properties of different herbs are often subtle and may take a while before you notice any benefits. However, there are some natural options that may be just as beneficial as OTC anti-inflammatory medications. For example, boswellia is a popular choice to reduce inflammation. Since it has benefits similar to anti-inflammatory medications, it is advised not to take it with OTC medications to reduce the chances of stomach irritation. Some less potent options include the use of turmeric and ginger. These should be taken multiple times per day regularly before you can judge whether they are helpful. Some people choose to include turmeric and black pepper in milk and drink the mixture several times each day. Slices of fresh ginger can be steeped in hot water and turned into a tea.


CBD is another accessible option to reduce inflammatory arthritis pain. People who rely on CBD to control pain find CBD works well and quickly to reduce inflammation, but it also works best when you allow CBD to build up in the bloodstream and maintain therapeutic levels. There are several products on the market containing CBD, which makes it easy to find your ideal route of administration. The most direct method of using CBD is to start with tinctures. A tincture is placed under your tongue and allowed to absorb for approximately one minute before swallowing the residual tincture. Tinctures can be more effective than capsules since they are not degraded by stomach acid and they are much easier to dose than vaping, which is difficult to determine the amount of CBD in each puff.


Kratom is by far one of the most potent pain-reducing products that are readily available. You can find kratom as tea leaves, ground powder, or capsules. Many people prefer kratom capsules because it helps them avoid the strong taste of kratom while making it easier to consume, especially away from home. Kratom is also available in various strains, such as red, green, white, yellow, and gold. Each strain has various properties that make it more or less effective for pain reduction. Another advantage of kratom is you can mix different strains to address different levels of pain and any additional benefits you need, such as energy, improved mood, or anti-anxiety benefits.

If you have inflammatory arthritis and are left with little to no pain management options from your healthcare providers, there are options. Fortunately, there are several effective pain-reducing options that are accessible to you.

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