Using CBD Oil For Headaches: A Simple Guide

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Using CBD Oil For Headaches: A Simple Guide

10 November 2020
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CBD oil is so helpful for a whole array of painful conditions, including headaches. However, if you plan on using CBD to manage your headaches, there can be a bit of a learning curve. It's quite different from taking a few ibuprofen pills. Here are some tips and guidelines to follow as you begin turning to CBD for headache relief.

Use a liquid form of CBD

Your first thought may be to buy CBD pills or capsules to swallow since you're probably used to swallowing other pain pills for headaches. However, this is actually one of the slowest ways to use CBD. You have to wait for the pill casing to dissolve and the CBD to be absorbed through your digestive tract. This can take 20 minutes or longer — which is too long to wait when you have a headache. For faster relief, use a liquid form of CBD. A CBD tincture, which is CBD extracted into alcohol, works well. Natural CBD oil is also a good choice. You use both of these preparations by placing them under your tongue, holding them there for a minute, and then swallowing. This can give you nearly instant relief since the CBD can be absorbed directly into your bloodstream through the tiny blood vessels close to the surface under your tongue.

Look for a full-spectrum oil

CBD is the best-known and probably most effective hemp compound for headache pain relief. But there are other compounds, such as CBG, which are also found in hemp oil and which may also have some therapeutic benefits. So, if you can manage to find one, use a full-spectrum CBD oil when treating your headaches.

Take CBD daily as a preventative

You can use CBD as a "rescue" preparation, or in other words, as a direct treatment when you have a headache already. However, you can also use it as a preventative. In other words, you can take a low dose each day, no matter what, as a way of helping to prevent headaches or reduce the number you experience. CBD helps alleviate inflammation, and inflammation is to blame for many headaches. By taking it daily, you keep your overall inflammation levels lower.

CBD is a different sort of headache remedy than you're probably used to. However, if you find a full-spectrum product, use a liquid placed under your tongue, and take a small amount as a daily preventative, you should be in good shape.

For more information about CBD products, such as full-spectrum CBD oil 1000mg, contact a local CBD supplier.

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