Adding CBD Lotion To Your Skincare Routine

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Adding CBD Lotion To Your Skincare Routine

19 October 2020
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If you are someone who enjoys pampering your skin and trying out various new products, then you might be thinking of adding a hemp CBD lotion to your routine. These lotions are becoming quite popular, and they're really versatile, helping to ease a number of skin conditions, ranging from sensitivity to breakouts. The following guidelines will help you add CBD lotion to your skincare routine in the most beneficial way.

Opt for nighttime application.

While some people use CBD lotion twice per day, applying it once a day is sufficient. The best time to apply it is at night, before you go to bed. This way, it can keep working its magic while you sleep. The relaxed state you are in at night also allows more of the CBD to be absorbed through your pores, so it can be even more effective. You should wake up in the morning to softer, smoother skin with fewer inflamed areas and red patches, which will make it easier to apply your makeup and allow you to walk through your day with confidence.

Apply the cream before other active serums.

If you apply any other serums or preparations with active ingredients as a part of your skincare routine, make sure you apply the CBD lotion first. This gives the lotion a chance to be absorbed through the skin and start working before the other ingredients are trying to be absorbed. Wait about 5 minutes after applying the CBD lotion before applying anything else.

Use a gentle, non-medicated cleanser when using CBD lotion.

You will want to wash your face just before applying the CBD lotion. This will ensure the product is best able to be absorbed into your pores. Make sure the face wash you are using is a gentle one without any medicated ingredients that might interfere with the CBD. If you do use a medicated wash, try using that in the morning, and then use a non-medicated wash at night before using your CBD lotion.

Smooth the lotion on using upward strokes.

The best way to apply CBD lotion to your face is with clean hands. Wash your hands, and then use them to smooth the lotion onto your skin using upward strokes. This way, you are helping to counteract the effects of gravity and reduce skin sagging as you apply the product.

CBD lotions can be really helpful for the treatment and management of various skin conditions. Put the tips above to good use as you incorporate one of these products into your routine. 

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