4 Common Conditions You Can Manage With Topical CBD Cream

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4 Common Conditions You Can Manage With Topical CBD Cream

18 March 2020
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When you think of CBD, you probably picture people vaporizing it or taking it orally. There are CBD gummies, liquid CBD oil, and an array of other products you can consume. However, if you visit a local shop that sells CBD, you will also notice a number of topical CBD products, such as CBD cream. You should know that these creams are really helpful to keep on hand and can be used to treat and manage a wide range of conditions, including the following.

1. Soreness and Tightness 

A hard workout at the gym or a long day at work can leave you feeling sore and tight. Maybe your quads are aching or perhaps your biceps are tight. Rubbing CBD cream on the area, in a manner similar to how you would apply a eucalyptus-based product, can really help. The CBD helps relax the muscles and also helps alleviate inflammation in the area. Inflammation, in many cases, is the precursor to pain and tightness, so alleviating inflammation helps alleviate your discomfort in general.

2. Eczema

Eczema is a really common skin condition, and it is a tough one to manage. Some people experience relief when they modify their diet or stop using certain detergents or soaps. Others need to apply steroid creams or other prescriptions, but sadly, these can have unwanted side effects. CBD is a good option for alleviating eczema symptoms. Again, it helps alleviate inflammation, which is at the heart of most eczema cases. It is safer and more natural than most prescription creams, and you can apply it as often as you want.

3. Dry Skin

Perhaps you do not have eczema, but you do deal with dry skin on a regular basis. A CBD cream will help add moisture back to your skin due to the other emollient ingredients these products typically contain. However, the CBD will also add some extra soothing power, so your dry skin does not feel as itchy and uncomfortable. Using it in place of your regular moisturizer a couple of times a week can be really beneficial in the winter when the air is dry and cold.

4. Scars

If you have scarring from previous acne, injuries, or other incidents, rubbing some CBD cream on the area can help ease inflammation and cause the scars to fade over time. Do not expect overnight results, but do expect to see improvements over a period of months.

A jar of CBD cream can be a really nice addition to your medicine cabinet. Almost anyone can use it in one or more of the ways described above.

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