CBD Oil: What To Know

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CBD Oil: What To Know

1 November 2019
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CBD oil is making its way into more and more stores across the nation. You might have heard claims about how it helps with anxiety, pain, and many other conditions. The oil can seem much too good to be true. What CBD oil information should you have before buying so that you can make smart decisions and experience benefits from it?

CBD Oil Is Low in THC

For many new users, CBD oil is largely an unknown substance. Some are a bit reluctant to give it a shot because they know it comes from the cannabis plant. They wonder if they will get a "high" the way that marijuana users do.

Luckily, CBD oil is rather low in THC, the component that delivers a "high" feeling. Therefore, you will not experience a woozy or drugged feeling when you use the oil for different health conditions. Knowing this one detail could make you more likely to try it for aches and pains and other issues.

Oil Can Be Isolate or Full-Spectrum

For some time, CBD isolate was considered the standard for CBD oil, as it only contained the CBD molecule. However, as more products hit the market, more full-spectrum products are being sold. Full-spectrum CBD oil contains terpenes and other compounds which some people claim heighten the therapeutic properties of the oil.

When deciding to go with full-spectrum oil or isolate, it's important to involve your physician. You should never start any supplement or medication without notifying the doctor and when you're trying CBD oil it's no different. Your doctor can explain whether CBD isolate or the full-spectrum version could be better for your particular health.

Quality Can Vary

Because CBD oil and other products are still largely unregulated, every company has its own standards regarding product quality. For that reason, you must be diligent about looking up companies and researching their products before buying their oil. 

In particular, you'll want to look for or ask about the company's Certificate of Analysis (COA). This document tests CBD and THC levels and checks for contaminants. A reputable retailer of CBD oil should be able to produce a COA or other proof that they're testing their products and can reasonably guarantee the quality.

With these details, CBD oil should be less mystifying for you. You can consider whether the oil makes sense for you and, if you buy, ensure that you're using a high-quality product.

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