Essential Oils You Should Always Carry With You

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Essential Oils You Should Always Carry With You

30 January 2017
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You never know when a sudden headache, upset stomach, or even a minor scratch or bug bite will afflict you or your loved ones, so you want to be prepared at all times. Essential oils are used in many applications both internally and topically and can benefit you in many ways, and creating a travel essential oil kit can keep you ready for any type of mild emergency. Here are just some of the essential oils you will always want with you.

Lavender or Tea Tree

Lavender is an essential oil that is very common in any natural health first aid kit, and for good reason. It has many applications that are useful on a regular basis, including antibacterial and healing properties beneficial for burns, bug bites, and more. Keep lavender in your kit for applying to a fresh cut, insect bite, mild burn (seek immediate medical attention if a burn is white or leathery or lacks pain, as it may be a third degree burn that needs serious care), or rash from a plant. Another popular essential oil that has many of the same benefits is tea tree oil.

Lemongrass or Chamomile

A sudden stomachache or gassy digestion can be cured with a few drops of lemongrass placed in water. Externally, this lovely smelling essential oil helps cure muscle aches and tension headaches and works to keep bacteria at bay for a cut. Lemongrass oil can also be placed on a cotton ball with a carrier oil to diminish its burn to put in the mouth for canker sores or toothaches. Chamomile essential oil is a great substitute or complement to lemongrass for sore muscles, toothaches, and stomach pains and is another keeper for your kit. 


Peppermint essential oil is well known for its ability to relieve stomach upset and nausea. It also works well to repel ticks that are on the skin, making it a must-have for outdoor activities. Peppermint mixed with warm water can also be applied to sore feet and joints due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Keep peppermint (and regular mint) essential oil in your kit for car sickness and body aches.

Carrier oils

Essential oils are very pure in form, and without dilution can actually burn your skin and organs. Before applying any essential oil to your body or ingest the ones you can take internally, dilute them properly with a carrier oil that you should always have with you. Almond or coconut oils are common favorites. When drinking essential oils, water should be all the dilution you need. Always check with a natural care specialist prior to ingesting any essential oils you are unsure about. Click here to learn more.

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