Holistic Occupational Therapy Enhances Conventional Occupational Therapy With Natural And Healthy Practices

Natural health care and conventional medicine don't need to be conflict: they can work together to keep your healthy. Find out how here.

Holistic Occupational Therapy Enhances Conventional Occupational Therapy With Natural And Healthy Practices

7 July 2016
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When 76 percent of healthcare providers are using at least one form of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and 42 percent of hospitals offer complementary and alternative medicine services, this trend proves that implementing holistic approaches in health care fields such as occupational therapy can indeed be a benefit to patients. Holistic occupational therapy provides health, wellness and disease prevention services. Occupational therapists are also being given special training in holistic care so that they can incorporate the new trend into their practices. Holistic occupational therapy enhances conventional occupational therapy with natural and healthy practices.

Trending Holistic Services

Occupational therapists have embraced the CAM trend and are offering their patients services that complement traditional occupational therapy. These new and trending holistic services include sensory integration, music and listening therapy, art and movement therapies, aromatherapy, relaxation, myofascial release and guided imagery.

Yoga As A Holistic Approach With Helpful Components

Yoga is used as a holistic approach and emphasizes balance. Yoga's asana component addresses your physical posture. It also tones, stretches and strengthens your body's musculoskeletal system while helping you to maintain a calm demeanor. Yoga's pranayama component is a breathing and meditation exercise, which handles your body's relaxation response. By calming your nervous system, pranayama lowers your blood pressure, breathing rate and heart rate. It also reduces stress and symptoms of anxiety and depression while boosting your all-important immune system.

Listening Therapy

Listening therapy helps to activate parts of your brain that are in an off mode. This therapy manages to convert left-dominant listeners into right-dominant listeners. It turns on a multi-dimensional process which improves your auditory processing when you use headphones. All this is accomplished because listening therapy affects your auditory and vestibular systems.

Helping All Age Groups

Holistic occupational therapy is not limited to any particular age group. It is inclusive and can be implemented at the most major stages of your life. Its fundamental focus on staying healthy is a smart learning tool for your children to learn about lifelong skills. As you approach middle age, holistic occupational therapy equips you with knowledge and practices that promote healthy living. Your trained occupational therapist, after evaluating your case, will assign appropriate health practices that help you to remain healthy over a longer period of time. If you are an elderly person, holistic occupational therapy like http://www.advancedphysicaltherapyofsj.com gives you a purpose to stay healthy, and it promises hope that indeed your golden-age years can be filled with vigor.

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