Reasons For The Success Of Telephone Healing

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Reasons For The Success Of Telephone Healing

14 April 2016
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If you have ever considered visiting a healer to address a physical ailment by allowing his or her energy to merge with yours, you are already familiar with energy healing. In some instances, it is possible for energy healing to occur without the need to physically be near to the person providing the service, as seen in distance healing. Telephone healing sessions are simply an example of distance healing. Although the concept may be challenging to believe at first, the following information will explain why telephone healing sessions can succeed.

#1-Telephone Healing Has Its Basis In Quantum Physics

Telephone healing sessions are an example of distance healing, which is the practice of using the power of a person's mind and their natural energy to help patients. That natural energy is thought to manifest in a person's aura. Each person is thought to have their own natural energy and that natural energy is a common part of alternative medicine.

First, it is important to consider that a person's natural energy can merge with another person's energy. The reasons for its success can be better understood when you know a bit more about quantum physics. Specifically, quantum physics teaches that entanglement occurs when two or more sources of energy join with one another. When entanglement occurs, both positive and negative things can occur.

Entanglement can also work with the natural energy within everyone. In this instance, healing can occur when one person knows how to direct their energy toward another person and their specific health problem. Fortunately, the benefits of entanglement can be obtained without both parties needing to be near one another or to physically touch. Since the direction of energy can be done over-the-phone, telephone healing sessions can provide the same results that an in-office appointment.

#2- Experiments Involving Unwell Persons With Trained And Untrained Healing Partners

Without scientific proof, it is often challenging to believe in any unique phenomena. Therefore, it is important to look at a study that occurred in 2008 involving 36 couples, 22 of which included a partner with cancer.

In 12 of those couples, the partner who did not have cancer was trained in how to provide the various aspects of hands-on healing. One important aspect that the healthy partner was taught included intention, which involved focusing their energy for positive purposes. The end result was that the persons with cancer had a better improvement rate when their partners practiced distance healing as opposed to the people whose partner had no training.

It is important to point out that although studies have established that distance healing works, it is not always clear why it works and the rate of its success can vary. As a result, you should never change your health care plan or use of medications without talking to your doctor. Telephone healing sessions are an ideal way to treat less serious problems or to supplement your existing medical regimen, but you should not depend on them exclusively without the approval of your physician.

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