Natural Ways to Determine Allergies

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Natural Ways to Determine Allergies

1 April 2016
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Allergy symptoms (like an itchy throat, watery eyes, and a runny nose) can cause serious discomfort if left untreated. For those who prefer to use holistic medicine to treat illnesses, investing in a traditional allergy screening may not be desirable.

Here are three ways you can work with your holistic healer to determine the source of your allergies so that you can create a customized treatment plan that will alleviate your symptoms in the future.

1. Conduct an environmental assessment.

Many of the allergens that cause symptoms to appear can be found in one's environment. Taking the time to conduct an environmental assessment can be beneficial in pinpointing the source of your allergy symptoms.

Giving careful thought to whether or not you experience allergy symptoms only when outdoors, during certain seasons, or only while you are working can help your holistic healer determine common environmental factors that are present in situations where your allergies flare up. These environmental factors will help your healer create an allergy serum that will treat your unique allergies without relying on pharmaceuticals.

2. Use the process of elimination to identify food allergies.

Many people suffer from mild food allergies that can cause digestive irritation or other symptoms to appear. If you want to discover the source of your food allergies without using traditional medical diagnostics, your holistic healer might suggest that you eliminate certain foods from your diet for a period of time.

If you find that you feel better when you abstain from eating grains, or that your digestive discomfort eases when you don't eat dairy, you can assume that you may have a slight allergy to these foods. Armed with the information gathered during an elimination period, your healer can help you create a diet that will reduce your allergy symptoms in the future.

3. Complete a detoxification program.

The intestinal system is the first line of defense when it comes to proper function of the immune system. If improperly digested food and free radicals are creating a toxic environment in your bowels, you may find that you experience allergy symptoms because your immune system cannot properly process the allergens you come into contact with each day.

Completing a detoxification program to see if your allergy symptoms subside will allow your healer to determine if intestinal problems are contributing to your allergies.

Finding ways to diagnose your allergies without relying on traditional allergy screenings doesn't have to be difficult when you partner with a holistic healer who has experience using natural medicine to treat allergies.

However, if your allergies are a bit more severe or are difficult to pinpoint, consider allergy testing by an allergy specialist, such as Alaska Natural Health Solutions. They may also be able to work with you to accommodate your views.

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