Improve Your Health: 4 Reasons You Need Your Amino Acids

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Improve Your Health: 4 Reasons You Need Your Amino Acids

31 March 2016
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If you're trying to live a healthy lifestyle, you need to make sure that your body receives all the vitamins and nutrients it needs on a daily basis. Part of those nutritional needs include amino acids. Your body needs amino acids for everything from heart health to mental clarity. One of the amino acids your body needs is L-arginine, which helps your body improve blood flow and circulation. Here are four reasons why your body needs L-arginine.

Reduces Inflammation

Your body absorbs toxins and free-radicals each and every day. Once inside your body, those toxins and free-radicals can decrease your immunity and lead to inflammation-causing diseases. L-arginine acts like a sponge by finding and removing those harmful agents. An added benefit of L-arginine is that it can also help slow down the effects of aging.

Reduces Muscle Aches After Exercise

When you exercise, your muscles and joints absorb the pressure from the workout. As a result, you may experience pain and stiffness after a strenuous workout. You can reduce those muscle aches and pains by adding an amino acid supplement to your daily diet. L-arginine increases blood flow, which helps improve your circulation. When that happens, oxygen and other vital nutrients are able to get to your muscles and joints quicker, which means you'll experience fewer aches and pains after a workout.

Boosts Immunity

A weakened immune system can leave you susceptible to sickness and infections. It can also make it difficult for your body to heal from surgeries. L-arginine can help boost your immune system and help improve your body's ability to heal. Because L-arginine is also beneficial in treating pain and reducing inflammation, it is often added to topical ointments to help speed up the healing process in some wounds.

Helps Treat Problems with Infertility

If you're experiencing problems with erectile dysfunction or infertility, you should have your L-arginine levels checked. L-arginine helps produce sperm and also assists in sperm motility--which is the speed in which sperm travels. L-arginine also helps balance female hormones and improves blood flow and circulation in the genitals.

If you're trying to stay healthy, you need to make sure you're getting your amino acids, including L-arginine. The information provided above will help you understand the benefits of ensuring proper L-arginine levels in your body. For more information about the importance of amino acids, be sure to speak to your health care practitioner. 

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