3 Alternatives To Sugary Energy Drinks

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3 Alternatives To Sugary Energy Drinks

20 March 2016
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There are many healthy alternatives to those sugary energy drinks you see at the gym. You shouldn't think that you have to choose between water and something with artificial colors that is full of sugar. This article will cover three drinks that aren't loaded with chemicals and lots of unhealthy sugar. Each drink has its own benefits and particular uses. Take a look at them now.

Coconut Water

If your workout consists of lots of cardio and you really work up a sweat, then coconut water is an excellent drink. It provides your body with electrolytes that are lost when you sweat. It is a natural source of potassium and magnesium. You also get sodium and phosphorus. Also, unlike the many popular energy drinks on the market, you won't get extra sugar. 

If you've never tasted coconut water and are only familiar with coconut milk or cream, then you might think that it would have a heavy mouth feel, but it doesn't. In fact coconut water doesn't have any fat at all.

MCT-Rich Coffee

If you like the boost you get from an energy drink but you want to get it from a healthier source, then try an MCT-rich coffee recipe. In an energy drink, you are getting essentially a sugar high, and in many cases that sugar is a refined high-fructose corn syrup. You might prefer a different approach.

There has been a lot of attention to a coffee made using a combination of coconut oil, grass fed butter, and organic coffee. The argument put forth is that the butter from grass fed cows is healthy and provides an excellent source of omega fatty acids. This fat will quell your appetite. The MCT from the coconut oil aids in mental acuity, and the organic coffee helps provide energy. The fats in the butter and oil also provide energy, and they are slower to metabolize than sugar, so it's an energy that doesn't spike and send you crashing like sugar does. It gives you a nice, plateaued energy for a sustained workout.

Protein Powder Shake

If your workout consists or mainly weightlifting, then you should definitely change to a protein shake. Energy drinks are not at all suitable for heavy lifting. What you need is a drink that provides your body with easy-to-digest protein. The best way to get this is to get a whey protein powder, like those from Do Vitamins, and then add water and fill up a shake bottle. You can then bring this to the gym and drink it throughout your workout. You can get protein powder in different flavors including strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla.

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